Harvest (2002, Split EP with Ingurgitating Oblivion)

by Senescence

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Split EP with Germany`s Deathsters INGURGITATING OBLIVION

Inspiration for this Split was Joel-Peter Witkins photography "Harvest"


released January 1, 2002

Written and performed by Senescence (Dalinghaus, Klöcker, Pfeil, von der Dovenmühle) except "Jakety Sax" written by Boots Randolph.

Engineered by Klaus Kessemeier (BK49) and Senescence.
Mixed by Klaus Kessemeier at KKK Bitch Studio.
Additional mixing and recordings by Senescence.

Guest vocals on the track "Harvest" by Martin Rose (Herzkrank), Marc Andree Dieken (Obscenity, Dew Scented, Weak Aside), Jan-Carl Kubik (Dekai Kintama) and Malte von der Dovenmühle.

Saxophone by Alex Piepmeier (Broszinski Septett) R.I.P.!
Drums on "011029 1907 APAN" by Mark Andree Dieken



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Track Name: ReHc+SeRd->He+Am
Written by TK

Youth dies slowly,
cracking cerebral barrels of acid surrender corrosion
eating our pealed selves into the outside
and form a living monument of all sickness
nesting within our minds.

surrender – outside - sickness

A constant growth until the soul bursts,
until the soul splits open.

Our wounds are leeking acid,
liquid self futilizes the crops for the harvest,
attracting colonies of leeches,
breeding beyond our imagination.

They will feast upon our crippled innocence,
on our emotional strength
devour our responsibilities.

Breathe in and fear your visions
as the stench of your crops cleans your mind.
The screams of the ridiculed bastards and dead
makes you shiver with disgust.

surrender – inside – sanity

Harvest what you have sown and refill the broken barrels
to fight back their hunger,
make them suffer starvation
before they steal your dignity.